HsuTech Air Angle Polisher – Low Noise – Extension 3inch

The HsuTech Air Angle Polisher, featuring a 5” spindle thread and a 3” pad size, delivers powerful performance with its 0.5HP motor and 2600 rpm free speed. Designed for low noise (89 dBA) and minimal vibration (0.6 M/S2), it ensures comfortable, precise polishing. With an overall length of 307mm, a ¼” air inlet, and a 3/8” (10mm) air hose ID, this lightweight (1.2kg) polisher is ideal for detail work, offering efficient air consumption at 3.5cfm (100L/min). Perfect for professional results in hard-to-reach areas, the HsuTech Air Angle Polisher combines power and ergonomics in one compact tool.


R4016,44 incl VAT

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