HsuTech Impact Wrench – Twin Turbo – Palm – Half inch

Compact and powerful, the HsuTech Impact Wrench – Twin Turbo – Palm – 1/2″ is designed for precision and ease of use. It features a 1/2” square drive and a free speed of 7500 rpm, delivering a maximum torque of 405 ft.lb (550 Nm). Its minimal overall length of 85 mm and lightweight 1.10 kg design make it perfect for tight spaces. With a ¼” air inlet and 3/8” (10 mm) air hose I.D., it ensures optimal air flow and an average air consumption of 3.4 cfm (97 L/min). Operating at a noise level of 92.9 dBA and a vibration rate of 7.64 m/s2, this impact wrench offers both power and comfort for a variety of tasks.


R4075,51 incl VAT

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